Monday 4 January 2010

Why does Blogger/Google sucks so badly at Managing HTML Fonts?

(rant warning)
If you see multiple fonts in it is because Blogger (and Google) took a leaf from Microsoft's book and (if they are developing anything at all) is spending too much time on 'extra features' and not allocating enough resources in solving problems that happen with features that its users (i.e. me) use ALL the time: Like making sure there is ONLY ONE FONT in the entire post!!!!!

Also, I wonder why they don't detect that one of their users (i.e. me) is not happy with their service, is losing its patience and (if an working alternative is found) will jump ship in a blink!

Can't Google use its 'Search Automation Algorithms' to find this type of "...we're about to lose an active user..." scenarios, and then do something about it?

(I'm having these problems using Mac OSx with Safari, Chrome and Firefox)