Monday, 4 January 2010

O2 on Mono, MonoDevelop and OSx

Hi, I need a bit of help with this one.

After some minor code changes, I was able to load up the "O2 - All Active Projects" solution file inside OSx using MonoDevelop and Mono 1.2.6.

To replicate this should be just a case of doing a SVN checkout to  (or directly) and compiling the "O2 - All Active Projects" solution file (you can also open up the individual "O2 Tool - xxx" solution files.

The command line modules work OK, but the problem seems to be on the WeifenLuo.WinFormsUI module (which is the one that recreates the VS-like windows docking environment), namely its PInvokes.

When running any one of the O2 Tool modules (either from MonoDevelop, or from the command line using "mono _FindingsViewer\ %28O2\ Tool%29.exe") I get the error: "Unhandled Exception: System.DllNotFoundException: user32.dll"

I google this a bit and there seems to be some hacks around this (one of them seems to involve using WINE). 

Is there a way to solve this, or do I need to see how hard it will be to remove the PInvokes from the WeifenLuo.WinFormsUI dll or find another GUI host environment for O2?