Friday, 4 December 2009

Setting up some O2 test boxes at a Cloud near you

I need to build a couple test boxes for O2, and was thinking of using Amazon EC2 to set them up.

In the past I have used VPS from ISPs like RackForce, but they can be quite expensive and I need to be able to create a number of new boxes on demand which the VPS guys don't seem to support.

So is the Amazon EC2 the best option?

Has anybody here used it? Any top tips?

One annoying problem I have with Amazon EC2 is that it doesn't seem to be possible to 'suspend' VMs, is that true? Ideally i would like to create a VM and then suspend it (at a low cost) so that I only have it enabled when I need it. I guess another option is to create a custom O2 image that can then be used (again, has anybody here tried to do that for a Windows box? If so, are there any license restriction issues?)

One really cool thing with the Amazon EC2 system is that I can control my instances from my iPhone :)