Wednesday 2 December 2009

New version of CirViewer (now with Debug Symbols support)

I just published a new version of the CirViewer module which contains a very exciting new capability.

CirViewer now supports the loading and mapping of .NET *.pdb files (i.e. debug symbols) into O2's CIR (ICirData, ICirClass and ICirFunction). If you don't know what CIR is , think of it has an Object-Model representation of source code which you can visualize and easily write scripts against (at this stage O2 only cares about Call-Flow information)

Here are the main links:
There has been substantial changes to this version of CirViewer, so you are advised to uninstall previous versions (or you will have two side-by-side versions since this latest release will not override the previous one (these updates usually override them, but this one will not since, amongst other things, the EXE file name was changed)

If you want to give this new version a test-drive, you will need some .NET Assemblies with the *.pdb located in the same directory and the source code (see video).  To make it easy, you should try first with the hacmeBank Web Services dlls and source code which you can download from: CirViewer-HackMeBank

Please test it and provide feedback to the #O2Platform Mailing List (