Saturday, 21 November 2009

Public reactions to last week's posts

Following last week post Update #3 on O2 & IBM , I received quite a lot of feedback (both publicly and privately). Finally it seems that people are taking a good look at O2, and due to the public nature of these posts, I am reaching a much far wider internal audience at IBM than it would be possible if I keep these thoughts private.

Here are the links to the main public reactions, some of them are quite a good read and really describe what is the problem I'm trying to solve, the opportunity for IBM, the guys/companies who 'get O2' and the challenges in making something like O2 work:
From a O2's users point of view, the issue is clearly 'Where do I start?' Rohit had a great stab at it and provided great feedback on what the O2 GUI for new users should look like
The OWASP WIKI website for O2 has also been substantially revamped (for example see I'm lost, where do I start?) and there is now an O2 bug tracking system set-up at google code.