Saturday, 21 November 2009

OWASP Newsletter - Nov 09

This OWASP Newsletter - Nov 09 is a great step forward for OWASP,

After a couple half-baked efforts in trying to get OWASP Newsletters in the past , we finally seem to have got it right. 

Lorna and Kate did a great job on this first issue of the new generation of OWASP newsletters (which I hope will follow the same level of professionalism and regular publication schedule that we achieved with the OWASP podcasts).

Here is the email sent earlier today by Kate (to owasp-all, OWASP LinkedIn group and a number of other WebAppSec mailing lists):

After several months in development we are excited to release the first of many OWASP newsletters! We hope you will find the content relevant, interesting, and motivating. Many thanks to Lorna Alamri from the Minnesota chapter for putting together this document.

As always your feedback is appreciated and if you have articles for upcoming newsletters please forward the information to Lorna at or to me

Thank you all for your support!

Kate Hartmann
OWASP Operations Director
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Columbia, MD 21046
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