Friday 11 November 2016

Presentation "Hacking Portugal and making it a global player in Software development"

UPDATE: See Hacking Portugal book for an expanded and updated version of these ideas (available from Amazon)

Here is the presentation I delivered today at BSidesLisbon

There is an extended version of these ideas on this GitHub repo which you can read online at:

Description: As technology and software becomes more and more important to Portuguese society it is time to take it seriously and really become a player in that world. Application Security can act as an enabler, due to its focus on how code/apps actually work, and its enormous drive on secure-coding, testing, dev-ops and quality. The same way that Portuguese navigators once looked at the unknown sea and conquered it, our new digital navigators must do the same with code. This presentation will provide a number of paths for making Portugal a place where programming, TDD, Open Source, learning how to code, hacking (aka bug bounty style) and DevOps are first class citizens.