Sunday 24 April 2016

Started working on new book "Measuring Software Quality using Application Security"

Over the 3 weeks I spent in the US (in an RV with family) I started working on a book based on the ideas shown at the "New Era of Software with modern Application Security" presentation (v1.0).

The current title is "Measuring Software Quality using Application Security" and it is going to be published at LeanPub:

All content is hosted on the public GitHub repo, where you can also see a number of issues I plan to address (including areas for research)

I am currently in the brain dump stage of development, where I'm adding the content I want to talk about (in a kinda-structured way). The idea is to expand the bullet points into text and normalise the content in logical areas (some topics already have a first pass at expanding the ideas into final text).

Let me know if you want a copy of the latest version of PDF (and please register your interest at Leanpub's site)

Here is what the current version look like (which is at 80 pages):