Monday 19 October 2015

What are Security Champions and what do they do?

Security Champions are a key element of an AppSec team, since they create an cross-functional team focused on Application Security 

Here is an good definition for you to customise to your culture and workflows:

What is an Security Champion?
  • Security Champions are active members of a team that may help to make decisions about when to engage the Security Team
  • Act as the "voice" of security for the given product or team
  • Assist in the triage of security bugs for their team or area
What do they do?
  • Actively participate in the AppSec JIRA and WIKI
  • Collaborate with other security champions
    • Review impact of 'breaking changes' made in other projects
  • Attend weekly meetings
  • Are the single point of contact for their assigned team
  • Ensure that security is not a blocker on active development or reviews
  • Assist in making security decisions for their team
    • Low-Moderate security impact
      • Empowered to make decisions
      • Document decisions made in bugs or wiki
    • High-Critical security impact
      • Work with AppSec team on mitigations strategies
  • Help with QA and Testing
    • Write Tests (from Unit Tests to Integration tests)
    • Help with development of CI (Continuous Integration) environments
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