Friday 11 July 2014

Using WatiN and Embedded Cassini to run complex TeamMentor Automation (Create and Delete an Library)

Here is an QA Automation script I created today which performs a number of Integration Tests on the new version of TeamMentor.

These are the main moving parts (of the QA Environment and script):
  • Using an embedded WatiN IE window inside an WinForms window to drive Cassini hosting an .NET 4.5 website (this 'popupWindow' was actually opened from a UnitTest :) )
  • Driving the IE browser using  a number of FluentSharp ExtensionMethods
  • Number of waits for links to exist (needed due to the Ajax nature of TeamMentor)
  • When needed, directly query javascript variables ('window.TM.WebServices.Data.AllLibraries.length') and invoke core TM Javascript APIs ('window.TM.Gui.LibraryTree.remove_Library_from_Database')  
  • Use of Lambda methods to create an basic TM API (login, logout, open xyz page, trigger complex workflows, etc...)
Here is what this test QA environment looks like:

Here is the UnitTest (executed using nCrunch) that opens the IE window and REPL script environment (shown above):

Here is the gist with the script that does the TeamMentor workflow to use the TM admin panel to import a library (and then delete it via the main UI);

Pretty cool isn't it?