Sunday 26 January 2014

Book: Sum: Tales from the Afterlives

I just finished reading Sum: Tales from the Afterlives by David-Eagleman, which is a small and easy to read book with lots of great ideas and concepts.

The books is basically 40 mini sci-fi stories about possible scenarios that could happen after we die.

Ironically, and predictably, the side effort of reading these possible scenarios, is to appreciate even more the live we currently live on :)

David is also the author of  Incognito: The Secret Lives of The Brain, which is a book that I started reading on a Kindle, loved it, but never finished. This is another good example of why Kindle/eBooks don't have the same connection with the reader as physical book (see Physical Books are the best technology for reading for a better analysis of why I think that happens).

I have now bought a physical copy of  The Secret Lives of The Brain  and am looking forward to reading it property :)