Monday 25 November 2013

Script to create stats from TeamMentor Libraries

While creating a better tool to manage the new 'TeamMentor Researcher Programme' (more details later today), I am updating the scripts to the latest version of TeamMentor (3.4) and FluentSharp Apis (5.3).

Amongst the scripts/apis I'm fixing there is the Calculate TM article totals.h2 which I created a while back when we needed to know the size of TeamMentor articles for translation (btw, if you speak Japanese, there is a version of TM in your language almost done).

Here are the stats of the current version of TM:

    number of xml files:                  6,509
      number of values:                   32,545
      number of unique values:            3,093
      number of words in unique values:   22,704
      number of unique words:             2,562
      number of unique ContentBlocks:     5,949
      number of lines:                    145,569
      number of unique lines:             44,853
      number of words:         2,694,365
      number of words In UniqueLines:     1,275,281
      number of unique words:             55,765
      number of words to translate:       1,297,985      
    mapped data in 00:00:07.7130000
Improvements ideas:

That there are a couple hard-coded paths in there, which would be nice to fix on a next version of this script (ideally one that run automatically on git commits (so that we have up to date stats and a nice 'evolution graphs')).

A razor page would be a much better way to create the data mappings (since it would also look great on an email)

Source code

See this gist (embedded bellow)