Saturday 6 August 2011

Injecting O2 into an .NET Process, in this case IBM Rational AppScan standard

Here is another example of how to inject O2 into an .NET Application and be able to control its GUI:
The 'pink' example came about because in the group I was having dinner yesterday, there was a female AppScan user. I was explaining to her, that once we can run O2 scripts inside AppScan, there are very few limitations of what can be done, and nothing showed that better than a Pink version of AppScan :)

Of course that this is just the beginning! Now that we have the full O2 scripting capabilities inside the AppScan .NET process, there is A LOT that can be done (namely the integration with .NET Static Analysis data).

Btw, if you have other .NET process that you want to inject O2's scripting environment, now is a great time to do it. The current script was heaving based on the Injecting O2 into another .NET Process (in this case NUnit.exe) script, and I'm very close to an generic 'O2 .NET process Injector'.