Thursday 25 November 2010


Sandra (OWASP resource hired to create a training model for OWASP materials), just sent this email to the owasp-leaders that highlights the great work she is currently doing:


Dear OWASP Leaders,

In the context of the effort we are making to stabilize and consolidate an OWASP Training model that can be used as a powerful tool to spread OWASP’s knowledge and message, OWASP is looking for trainers to deliver training under the flag “OWASP projects and resources you can use today”. This is a model of training which is free for OWASP membersdelivered by OWASP Leaders (with only travel expenses paid) and covering OWASP modules and/or projects.

If you are an OWASP Leader and would like to be included in OWASP's pool of trainers, this is your chance - add your name and info to the OWASP Trainers Database and be counted!

Do it now and become an OWASP Trainer! Check the Database and conditions here:

Follow all the developments on the OWASP Training here

We are looking forward to seeing your names online!

Best regards,

Sandra Paiva