Thursday 8 July 2010

First major release of the OWASP O2 Platform - please download and try it

After 6 months of dedicated development, I'm happy to announce that I finally published a first major release of the OWASP O2 Platform (with an installer, documentation+videos and a number of key/unique capabilities).

There is a brand new GUI which makes a massive difference in finding the available scripts, tools and APIS that exist inside O2 (if you tried the previous versions you will really appreciate this) . You can see the new GUI and access the download link at this page: 
This is the moment when I'm asking you to PLEASE TRY IT, and provide feedback on: what you like, what works, what doesn't work, what could be improved, etc... (if you want to file a bug, please use this web interface

There is enough functionality + capabilities + power in this version of O2, that I finally have the confidence to make this direct request for you, knowing that no matter what area of Web Application Security you are involved in, there will be an O2 Script/Module/Tool that will make you more productive.

Since the new GUI is very recent, most documentation and videos available start with the previous GUI. But since I can now easily create detailed WIKI documentation pages and/or videos using O2 , my plan is to reply to your questions that way (i.e. with a video or wiki page)

In addition to the new GUI, there are a number of key O2 features and capabilities that I was finally able to piece together last week (for example the creation of a 'complete trace+animation for an HacmeBank vulnerability' packaged as a UnitTest). I will be documenting these in the next days/weeks. I will also be posting soon details about a new funding & commercial-services model for O2 and 3rd party companies.

So, have a go, try it and please post on this list as much details on your 'O2 experience' as possible.

Thanks for the help