Friday, 18 September 2009

Email to O2 Account holders with tons of O2 related links

(email just sent to the current O2 website account holders)

Subject: OWASP O2 Platform update and 'WebEx on using the O2 Spring Mvc Module to exploit vulnerabilities in the PetClinic application'

Hi O2 User (you are receiving this email because you are one of the 70 accounts currently created at the O2 website (if you don't want to receive this type of updates in the future please let me know and i will delete your account))

Since my last update there have been tons of stuff happening at O2 :)
O2 has really matured over the last couple months, are what I really need now is for you to give it a good test drive
and help me making the OWASP O2 Platform something that is easy to use (by security consultants like you :) ).
Looking forward to your comments, ideas and usage reports
Dinis Cruz